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Scottish Recipes

Here are a few Scottish Recipes I hope you like them,I will add more as i get them.
If you have any good recipes email them to me and I will include them here.Happy Eating.
Newest recipes near the bottom.

Pancakes - sometimes called Dropped Scones.   Mary Sutherland Brora.

12 oz SR flour
2 oz caster sugar
pinch of salt
1/2 level teaspoon baking soda
1/2 level teaspoon cream of tartar
1 large fresh egg
1/2-3/4 pint milk

Seive the flour and mix dry ingredients.
Make well in centre and add the egg.
Mix well and add the milk slowly beating the mixture to a creamy batter.
Leave for 10 minutes to rise.
Grease a hot girdle
Drop spoonfuls of mixture on to girdle.
When the mixture rises in bubbles turn the pancakes over to brown the other side.

This is a very quick fruit loaf.    Mary Sutherland Brora.

FRUIT LOAF - made in a pan.
Cup sugar
Cup mixed fruit
Cup milk
2 Cups SR flour
4 oz Stork margarine
1 fresh egg

Put in pan - sugar, marg, milk and fruit and boil together for about 3 minutes.
Allow to cool.
Mix in 1 cup of flour
Add beaten egg
Mix in 2nd cup of flour
Put in well greased loaf tin and bake in moderate oven for 1 1/4 hours.

Boiled Salmon.    Ishbel Clarkson Brora.

Unfortunately, salmon is not always well presented, becoming dry and tasteless with overcooking.This simple recipe avoids this and ensures salmon that retains both
flavour and natural oils.


Any sized piece of Fresh Salmon,Lemon Juice,Freshly ground Black Pepper.

Clean salmon piece.Squeeze lemon juice over it and the black pepper .Wrap in tin foil, sealing thoroughly.In a heavy pan, boil up sufficient water to cover piece of salmon.
Immerse salmon in boiling water, cover with well fitting lid and boil for 2 minutes.
Remove from heat and put covered pan in cool place.When water is quite cool,
fish will be cooked.Serve cold.

Cranachan   Kathleen Cunningham Brora.

This is a cream Crowdie and is made from toasting 2 tablespoons oatmal
Mix this into half a pint lightly whipped cream.
Can be flavoured with rum or vanilla sugar
1cup rasps can also be added

Serves 4.

Ideas for Herring.   Kathleen Cunningham Brora.

For many centuries herrings were the staple diet of poor folk as the very strong taste
kept hunger away. They were soaked overnight and then boiled ontop of tatties with their jackets on.
Kippers are best grilled,fried or lightly cooked in water, and are great served with scrambled eggs.

Soaked in lemon juice overnight ,drained,sliced and eaten like smoked salmon on
bread.They are also delicious fried in oatmeal and served with a mustard sauce.
Clapshot   Kathleen Cunningham Brora.

1lb potatoes
1 tablesp copped onions or chives
1lb white turnips, tablesp butter, salt&pepper to taste.

Cook vegerables separately,drain and mash very well together,adding all the other ingredients. Season to taste and serve piping hot.

My Granny always stuck a home made oatcake in the middle before dishing it up.

This traditional orkney dish is sometimes served with Skirlie.

Skirlie   Kathleen Cunningham Brora.

Delicious with mashed tatties and turnip or served with chicken I some parts
of scotland it is called mealie pudding . Great served with mince.

8oz medium oatmeal
2 finely chopped onions
4 tables dripping(or veggie oil)
fresh ground pepper &salt to taste.

Put dripping or oil in heavy based pan ,add onions and lightly brown. Stir
in oatmeal and this is where it "skirls" ( screeches).
Keep stirring over a gentle heat for 5-7mins and season to taste.

Gingerbread   Ishbel Clarkson Brora.


2 eggs
1/2 cup beer (or orange juice if you don't feel like drinking the rest of the beer)
Put in pan and slowly melt: 8 oz butter - 8oz soft dark brown sugar - 2 level tabspns.
treacle - 2 level tabspns. syrup
In a mixing bowl, seive: 10 oz plain flour - 1 teaspn. baking soda - 1 teaspn.
mixed spice - 1 teaspn cinnamon - 1 teaspn nutmeg- 1 tspn. ginger
Beat two eggs and add half cup of beer. Add this to the melted ingedients in the
pan and add this gradually to the flour mixture and beat well. Put into roasting tin
well lined with greased and floured paper. Bake in moderate oven at gas 4 or
350deg. and after 45 minutes lower to gas 2 or 300deg. until cooked.

Clootie Dumpling   Kathleen Cunningham.

First prepare the muslin cloth 9 Inch or a large dishcloth) by soaking it for several
mins in boiling water,squeeze out as much water as possible then spread out and
dust with flour.

6oz SR Flour 4ozs currants
6oz brown breadcrumbs 6ozs sultanas
6oz suet  4ozs brown sugar
1teasp baking soda 2 tablesp syrup
1 teasp cinammon 1!/4 cups milk
1 teasp ginger
1 Mix dry ingreds &add milk
2 Put mixture in centre of prepared cloth and tie tightly,leaving room for expansion
3 Put a saucer in bottom of pan to prevent the dumpling sticking, add hot water
to pan then boil for 3 hours, adding hot water as necessary

CLOOTIE DUMPLING (2)   Kathleen Cunningham.

Veggie Version Blow by Blow account.

4 Breakfast cups SR Flour 3 teasp cinnamon
1 & a half cups sugar 4 teasp mixed spice
2 cups suet(veggie) 1 large spoon treacle
2 cups currants 1 teaspoon salt
2 cups raisins 1 teaspoon baking soda
1 cup sultanas  
1 carrot grated
1 apple grated 2 cups water(or more) to mix
1 Mix all ingredients
2 Soak large dishtowel or muslin and wring out, sprinkle all over with flour.
3 Put mixture in cloth. tie with string making sure no gaps.
4 Place saucer on base of large pan containing about 2" water. when water is
boiling put dumpling in on top of saucer , Replace lid and steam for 4 hrs. Keep
topping up water as necessary.
5 After 4 hrs remove dumpling and place on large plate
6 Cut string and with care, peel back cloth to reveal top of dumpling.
7 Now gently place another large plate on top and turn the whole thing over.
8 Gently pull up the rest of the cloth, trying not to break 'the skin'.
There you have it. Not quite as Granny made it,,but Clootie Dumpling vegetarian
style and just as good. Try it and see.

Raspberry Jam     Ishbel Clarkson.

This simple recipe requires little effort and tastes delicious

Ingredients: Raspberries Sugar

Weigh the fruit, place in fireproof dish in oven with the same amount of sugar in another dish. leave till both are thoroughly hot,add the sugar to the raspberries and beat until dissolved.Put into warmed jars and cover at once.

New Recipes From 16 Feb 2002

Cullen Skink       Ishbel Clarkson

1 smoked haddock
1 onion
mashed potato
1 oz butter
salt & pepper
1 pint milk

Skin a smoked, preferably, finnan haddock and place in pan with just enough boiling water to cover.Bring to boil and add a chopped onion.When haddock cooked, take out, remove bones, flake and return the bones to the
stock.Simmer for one hour .Strain the stock and bring back to boil. Bring milk to boil in another pan and add it to the stock with the flaked fish. Add enough mashed potato to make the soup of a nice consistency with butter and pepper to taste.Season with salt and bring back to boil.

Grannie Scotland's Fruit Loaf    Dave Copeland


250g (9oz) margarine
3 teacups dried fruit  (raisins, sultanas or even dates)
2 teacups of sugar
2 teacups cold water
2 teaspoons bicarb of soda
2 teaspoons mixed spice
2 teacups SR Flour
2 eggs


1. Mix the first six ingredients in a pan. Bring to the boil and simmer for 10 minutes until all the ingredients have melted. Leave mixture to cool.
2.When cool add the flour and eggs to mixture and beat well.
3.Put mixture into lined and greased 9" loaf tins. (Makes 2). If only one required then cut ingredient quantities by half.
4. Bake in oven for 1 hour at 175C/350F/Gas Mark 4
A slice, spread lightly with butter is delicious!
Beremeal Scones       Ishbel Clarkson.

2cups beremeal 1 oz marg
1 cup S.R. flour 1 egg
1 teaspn baking soda milk
1 teaspn salt

Rub margarine into dry ingredients, add beaten egg and enough milk to make a
soft dough.Cut dough into rounds or quarters.Heat griddle,sprinkle
with flour.Bake scones turning till cooked.
Melting Moments         Ishbel Clarkson

2 oz lard 5 oz S.R. flour
2 oz marg 1/2 egg (beaten) or double quantities &
use whole egg!
3 oz caster sugar vanilla essence
porage oats glace cherries

Cream sugar & fat.Add flour & egg to make a soft mixture.Drop one
teaspoonful at a time into porage oats and roll with wet hands.Grease a
baking tray. place well apart and flatten slightly. decorate each with a
piece of cherry.Bake in moderate oven for 15 minutes till golden brown.

Atholl Brose         Ishbel Clarkson

(makes 20 small Sherry glasses full)

1/2 lb honey 1/2 bottle whisky
1/2 pt. water 1/2 pt single cream
1 1/2 oz medium oatmeal

Put honey and water in pan and stir over gentle heat until it is blended.
Meanwhile, spread the oatmeal on baking tray and put in oven for a few
minutes to bring out the flavour.Put into a bowl and pour the dissolved
honey over the top.
Leave overnight on cool place. Strain mixture then stir in whisky and cream.
Pour into small glasses.Drink as a liqueur.
Tattie Scones          Roslyn Souness


250g    Dry cooked Potatoes
50g     Self Raising Flour
15g     Melted Butter/Margerine
Pinch of salt


Mash potatoes and add salt. Pour in melted butter and beat well. Gradually work in flour. Roll out fairly thinly with floured rolling pin and lay a saucepan lid or dinner plate of approx 6/7 inches diameter gently on top to cut around for a circle. Prick circle all over with a fork, and cut into 4 even pieces. Bake on a medium heated griddle or flat frying pan for 1/2 minutes per side. Continue with rest of mixture.
Traditionally these scones are eaten on their own or with butter. In south Scotland they are shallow fried and usually served with bacon, eggs etc.

Griddle Scones        Roslyn Souness

(Makes approx 18


425g         Self Raising Flour
1 ½               Tablespoons Sugar
½                Baking Powder
2                 Medium Eggs
Teaspoon salt
Teacup of milk


Put all dry ingredients into a mixing bowl. Beat eggs and milk together, then add to dry ingredients and mix. Roll out mixture with lightly floured rolling pin until approx ½ inch thick (minimum). Lay saucepan lid or dinner plate of approx 7 inch diameter over rolled out mixture and cut around it. Cut your circle into 4 even pieces (according to preference) and bake on a lightly floured, low to medium heated griddle or flat frying pan for 2/3 mins per side and edges, until lightly golden in colour. Continue with rest of mixture.

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