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Highland Cows

Highland Cow,s

The Highlander is one of the oldest and hardiest native breed of cattle.They are unique amongst British breeds because they've remained virtually unchanged since pedigree records began.The exact origins of Highland cattle are unknown but references date back to the 13th century.

Highlanders are exceptionally hardy and have survived the often harsh highland climate through the centuries .The natural free-ranging abilities of Highlanders coupled with unassisted calvings in all conditions as well as a rich milk, high in butter fat make the Highland cow an ideal mother.

Highland beef is slow maturing making it a premium beef which is lean,well marbled with low cholesterol levels whilst remaining rich in protein and flavour's a result of modern record keeping ,full traceability from birth to plate can be assured.This is an ever increasing requirement of todays consumer.

Stonehouse Highland Cattle

Stonehouse, The Doll -Brora has since 1992 had a herd of pedigreed Highland cattle known as the Brinallan Fold.Since early 1998 this fold has been owned by Iain McKenzie.

The fold currently numbers 6 breeding cows, 1 stock bull and 9 young stock of varying ages.

The livestock are reared in accordance with SQBLA regulations and the cattle health 2000 scheme.

We are now able to supply pure Highland beef and can provide full traceability from birth to plate.

The cattle graze the land on the croft and in winter are fed on hayand natural distillery by-products.

Anyone interested in viewing these traditional Scottish beef cattle would be made most welcome.

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