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Brora Bowling and Tennis Club


Brora Bowling Club has been in existence since 1927. It is located on the North side of the village, close to the Golf Course and popular Links and Royal Marine Hotels.

The present Clubhouse, green and two blaize tennis courts were sited on a piece of agricultural ground which was purchased from Ascoile Estates with funds donated by Club members in 1929. The Clubhouse remains much as it was when it was built apart from a small extension to the rear in 1989.

The Club was founded in 1927 with a membership of approximately 140 members comprising of 70 tennis players and 70 bowlers. A shed was used as a Clubhouse before the present Clubhouse was erected in the 1930's. In the summer months the Club members enjoyed their sport. In winter the Clubhouse was used for Whist Drives and functions, such as the Presentation of Trophies and club dances. The Club prospered with voluntary help from its members. A full-time caretaker was employed. His duties included the upkeep of the green and tennis courts. However, in the early seventies the Club found that the upkeep of the blaize courts was becoming increasingly difficult and the greenkeeper was no longer able to look after them.

Gradually tennis fell away and the Club could no longer rely on Tennis memberships.

To compensate for this loss of revenue the Club had to start fund raising. A summer fete was held annually and a 100 Club was formed. These still continue to be healthy fund raising events in the present day.

During the season of 1997 Brora Bowling and Tennis Club had a membership of 74, all bowlers. This comprised of 39 male members and 35 female members. A total of 34 members were over the age of 60. Only 1 junior member paid a subscription, although coaching facilities were offered and taken up by several youngsters. Male and female members of the Club have always had equal status the positions of President, Vice-president and Treasurer are all held by female members at present.

The Old Clubhouse
The New Bowling & Tennis club
War Memorial

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